Child Care Admission

Our Admissions Standards

For your child to gain a place to attend Little Nemo Nursery, parents will be invited for a show round to see the nursery.
Show rounds are normally done Monday to Friday and you can either call the nursery to book or go to our booking page to book a free slot that suits you.

Application Process

If a parents wants to take a place they will be required to complete and return an application form along with a non refundable application fee of £40

Once a place is offered we will arrange a settling period for your child to attend and we can also confirm the your child start date.

At little Nemo Nursery we ensure that every child gets a tailored childcare that suits their individual needs.
Every child will be assessed once they start attending our nursery using our Welcome toolkit.

Welcome: is a Speech and Language Toolkit for Screening and Intervention in the Early Years.
with the information we get from the assessment we can then offer the child fun activities that will suit their development

Our Charges

Notice for closure

For each year the nursey will close for two weeks over Christmas, two weeks over Ester, the last two weeks of August and all bank holidays. The nursey is closed for three days of the year for staff training, these days fall in with the holidays closure dates.

Please note that you will still be charged for the days that the nursey is closed for the holidays/staff training.

Registration ongoing!!

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A Physical Tour of Our Nursery

Book a 15-minute tour now to witness our caring staff, exciting atmosphere, and a safe haven for your little ones. Reserve your spot today!